Liability Insurance & Damages

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For your safety and ours as well, our company has liability insurance with FSB.

Our liability covers damages caused by us over $1000. Any damages or incidents that happens, the teams will take a picture and notify us immediately. We’ll contact you within 48 hours to inform what happened and how can we proceed next. If the damage is under $1000 we’ll negotiate directly with you.

If you noticed something is missing or damaged on the same day of cleaning, please notify us right away!

Note: If you already have any furniture damaged, please advise us always before we start the cleaning, that way we can avoid bigger damages. If you contact us over 48 hours we were there, we no longer will be responsible for covering or fixing anything.

We have never had any problems regarding theft. Our cleaners are well paid and they fully understand we have a NO TOLERANCE policy for that. If theft is proven, we will be involving the police for these cases.


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