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Founded on 2015, by Joyce de Carvalho, Enjoy House Cleaning started small, by herself, delivering business cards on door to door and being referred. In 6 months she hired her first employee, and since then the teams keeps growing.

    Then  in 2016 we started with commercial cleaning, providing services for offices and all the 4 Louis Vuitton Stores in Toronto. 6 Years later, and we are competing with the top big companies in the market, for Residential & Commercial services with scores above 4.5 Starsout of 5 in reviews. (Google, Facebook, Home Stars,

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Services Offered by ENJOY HOUSE CLEANING: House Cleaning | Office CleaningStore Cleaning | Industrial Kitcken Cleaning | Housekeeping | Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning | Post Construction Cleaning | Pre-Sale Cleaning | Pre-Rental CleaningCarpet & Upholstery Cleaning | Steam Deep Cleaning | Windows Cleaning 


Why you Should Choose Us
We are an Eco Friendly Cleaning Company


2x Award Winner in 2022 - Top 1 Cleaning Company of Toronto & Company of The Year - Canada Prestige 2022













It's been and honor to announce that we have got 2 awards this year of 2022. All our hard work from customer service and administrative to operational got recognized twice at the same year. How great is that? 

Last year we were nominated by as the 6th best Cleaning Company of Toronto, and this year we were nominated the TOP 1st Cleaning Company of Toronto. And more, we were also nominated as The Cleaning Company of The Year - 2022 Ontario, by Canada Prestige Awards. 

A big city with hundreds of cleaning companies, that are in the market for longer than us, and we are the Top One. We are so grateful, and proud. Our company started very little, 7 years ago, and kept growing year by year, step by step. These 2 awards are results of a lot of work involved from our whole team. We take these awards as a motivation to keep up with our good work, always trying to improve, and learning with our mistakes. 

 We had so many challenges, moments we thought we couldn't continue, mostly with the Pandemic, and here we are; strong.
Our team together, and all the workers that were part of this company for the past 7 years, helped us to make history. We are grateful for each of them, that worked hard, and put so much effort to make this dream become true.
The cleaning industry is very competitive, but we never wanted to compete, but focus on quality, improvements, and make our clients happy over all, and we knew someday the recognition would come! And here it is, a big gift for us!
Thank you so much for all the clients that trusted on us, giving us the opportunity to take care of their homes and work places.
This is a big incentive to us! This is the best news we got this year!
Thank you Team Enjoy! Together we are the best of Toronto!

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