Staff and Teams

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Currently our team is formed by 10 well trained and experienced cleaners. Every time we hire a new cleaner we train them to standardize the cleaning quality. Before hiring each cleaner is interviewed, background and reference are checked, they are trained and finally ready to start working with the teams.

You can always expect a team of two- three cleaners to work in your home. Working in pairs make the job faster once they share the tasks. To keep the standard and quality of service, we have a rotation system on our teams. We know every house is different, and the all should know how to please each customer. We found a very efficient way of keeping the cleaners on watch for their partners job, so we can present the very best results.

We understand some customers might have some preferences for specific teams, or even the same team every time. We are ready to attend your requests if discussed in advance.

All teams are equally trained to provide the same quality of service every time.


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