Enjoy House Cleaning, is a ''All under the Same Roof'' kind of company with a wide variety of cleaning services for different types of needs. 

Our main goal is to provide less stress and headaches by dealing with different companies. You can find everything on the same place,

making it more convenient and affordable. Our Cleaning Techs are professionally trained to provide the best experience for each client. 

We offer 5-10% off when you book multiple services at the same time. Contact us for details. 



We want to save your time...

Because we want to make your life easier, our process is also very easy and will take only 60 sec of your time to request a quote with us. 

Once we receive your request, someone from our office team will review and send you a quote on the same day. If you need a booking for the same day,

once you fill out the quote form, you can text our Customer Service Team at 289-514-2490 and ask for priority. 



We are a proud business...

As a Family Operated Business that started very little 8 years ago, we are very proud of our journey. Step by step, facing different challenges every day, we are 

motivated to transform lives with the services we provide, by making your home or work place a healthier, safer and happier place. 

As a business that is striving to grow and improve people's lives, we work very hard to improve the quality of our services every day, and the hard work has paid off

along the past years results. We are always looking to innovate for better attending our customers. 



We are an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company

Because we care about your health and the environment, we are always searching for safer products that attends the needs of our customers,

but are most of all a safer option for our workers and customers. We are Planet Hope,is a Canadian Brand of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

created with the goal to decrease consume of cleaning plastic bottles on the landfills. After a year testing their products, WAPH is now our

main source of cleaning products, and we are more than happy to join them on the environment cause. 

You can request us to use their products at no extra cost. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Can't handle laundry anymore? 

We have the solution!

We understand, laundry is a task that never ends, and you feel completely overwhelmed about it. You are not alone. 

Because we use WeDoLaundry to take care of our mop heads and cloths every week, and they do an awesome job

(Our Mops and Cloths are professionally cleaned and sanitized),we have partnered with them to give you a hand on this task.

They provide Dry-Cleaning, Ironing Service, Laundry on demand. They pick up and drop off at your home, and they have a large 

variety of options to take care of your laundry. Isn't that awesome? You can book and pay online, easy and quick, and then you can just

relax and enjoy your free time. 





Our Cleaning Checklist - Understand what we clean!

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