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Based on the experiences we have had since the beginning of the company, we have added a cancellation fee when you want to cancel the service already booked and confirmed. We understand you might change your mind, or even have emergencies and you need to cancel, however once your cleaning is already confirmed and you cancel at last minute - meaning same day - or in less than 48 hrs - not only the teams, but also other clients are harmed by your cancellation. Once we have a commitment to each other, is very important that you think twice before cancelling for any reason.

Sometimes the following client can only be booked for that time, and when you cancel without planning we can’t keep the teams on the streets sometimes for hours until next client. And many times, the other client has to cancel as well. Harming the entire schedule on the day. Due that, we have changed our cancellation policy and fees.

Yes, you can change your mind and cancel your appointment, as long as it’s done before 48 hrs. No fees will be charged, and we can still reschedule to another day.

For all cancellations made before 48 hrs in advance, your cleaning service will be charged in 50% amount of your current service rate, and the cleaners will receive a refund about their working missed hours. Our intention is to avoid any cancellations to happen before 48 hrs.

***If your cleaning is booked for Monday, and you need to cancel, make sure you cancel until Friday 12:00 pm. Cancellations over that time, the cancellation fee will apply.


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