Supplies & equipment

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Each team is responsible on carrying their own supplies. A bag with products, sponges, scrubbers, swiffers, clean cloths, mops, and a luggage with a canister vacuum. Because most of the staff are not drivers, and they use public transportation to go to each client, we have asked our customers to provide some equipment to decrease the amount of equipment they carry daily. If you have a canister vacuum, please let us know, we would prefer using yours.

If you don't have a canister or light vacuum, our teams will use the company's vacuum. Please Note: Heavy vacuums are more difficult to use and may cause back pain in our cleaners.

We DO NOT provide garbage bags and paper towel. We also ask our clients to have at least ONE mop pole and one bucket with wring. Each client is responsible for providing these supplies and have them available at the time of our visit. If you have your own products and supplies and prefer us to use them, we’ll be happy to. We ask that you inform us in advance to avoid unnecessary weight for our teams to carry.

About the products - we have been trying to use eco-friendly products for yours and the staff’s safety and healthy. We use white vinegar, baking soda and dish soap for mostly all areas: sinks, shower and tubs, toilets, mirrors, tiles, kitchen surfaces, and disinfecting. On the floors we use murphy oil for wood and hardwood floors, and for the tile floors we use Pine Sol lavender. Or only Vinegar and water if you don’t really enjoy cleaning products smell.

If you need us to use cloro, or other specific products for the floors and other areas, as long as you provide and advise us in advance, we’ll be happy to use it, as long as they are not very strong chemicals that can cause any harm the cleaner health.


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