Special Requests 7 Notes

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If you have any special requests for your cleaning day, and notes, make sure you email to enjoyhousecleaning@hotmail.com at least 24 hrs prior to your appointment to make sure we don’t miss your notes and send the right instructions to the team booked to clean your home. Please note:

• We do not move heavy furniture such as couch, lift bed frames, or push heavy furniture. In case of requests to clean behind, and underneath heavy furniture, make sure you have pulled out for them.

We do not clean the outside windows if: They are higher than we can reach, and during winter time. We only clean the windows we can reach and during spring (Temperature must be above 15C degrees) and summer time.

• Some requests might have extra charges such as: cleaning inside the fridge or the oven, washing a big pile of dishes by hand, load of laundry, organizing closets, cleaning and /or organizing inside cabinets, and others. Please consult us for more info.


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