Rates, Payments & Late Payments

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Rates - Each year we do some adjustments on the rates for new customers. Meaning, older customers might have different rates and agreements. Also rates are negotiated individually with each client according to each service agreement, seasonal promotions and others.

Clients with hourly rates, the time is tracked by our system Jobber. Each team has their own app, and we track all their steps along the day.

Payments - If you make cash payments, make sure the payment is always ready before the cleaners leave. We only accept Canadian Dollar. If you are leaving tips, make sure you leave a note saying the team you have added tips on top of the payment. In case you have forgotten to leave the payment, you will be invoiced on the next day, and you have 48 hrs from the time you received the invoice to make the payment by e-transfer or credit card. Note that for all payments in e-transfer or credit card, tax is added.

Late Payments - Once you receive your invoice, you will have 48 hrs to make your payment. If we do not receive the payments during this time, we’ll update your invoice with Late Payment Fees. $1.50 per day. Make sure all your payments are done in time. 30 Days Past Due, invoices will be sent to Collections and your service will be automatically cancelled.


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