• Staff and Teams
  • Supplies & equipment
  • First Service (Deep Cleaning) X Regular service
  • Home Condition
  • Keys, Lockboxes and Codes
  • Service Checklist
  • Special Requests 7 Notes
  • Arrival Time X Schedule Time
  • Rates, Payments & Late Payments
  • Cancellations
  • Service Quality
  • Feedback & Surveys
  • Schedule Changes
  • Fidelity Program
  • Liability Insurance & Damages
  • Termination of Service

Currently our team is formed by 10 well trained and experienced cleaners. Every time we hire a new cleaner we train them to standardize the cleaning quality. Before hiring each cleaner is interviewed, background and reference are checked, they are trained and finally ready to start working with the teams.

You can always expect a team of two- three cleaners to work in your home. Working in pairs make the job faster once they share the tasks. To keep the standard and quality of service, we have a rotation system on our teams. We know every house is different, and the all should know how to please each customer. We found a very efficient way of keeping the cleaners on watch for their partners job, so we can present the very best results.

We understand some customers might have some preferences for specific teams, or even the same team every time. We are ready to attend your requests if discussed in advance.

All teams are equally trained to provide the same quality of service every time.

Each team is responsible on carrying their own supplies. A bag with products, sponges, scrubbers, swiffers, clean cloths, mops, and a luggage with a canister vacuum. Because most of the staff are not drivers, and they use public transportation to go to each client, we have asked our customers to provide some equipment to decrease the amount of equipment they carry daily. If you have a canister vacuum, please let us know, we would prefer using yours.

If you don't have a canister or light vacuum, our teams will use the company's vacuum. Please Note: Heavy vacuums are more difficult to use and may cause back pain in our cleaners.

We DO NOT provide garbage bags and paper towel. We also ask our clients to have at least ONE mop pole and one bucket with wring. Each client is responsible for providing these supplies and have them available at the time of our visit. If you have your own products and supplies and prefer us to use them, we’ll be happy to. We ask that you inform us in advance to avoid unnecessary weight for our teams to carry.

About the products - we have been trying to use eco-friendly products for yours and the staff’s safety and healthy. We use white vinegar, baking soda and dish soap for mostly all areas: sinks, shower and tubs, toilets, mirrors, tiles, kitchen surfaces, and disinfecting. On the floors we use murphy oil for wood and hardwood floors, and for the tile floors we use Pine Sol lavender. Or only Vinegar and water if you don’t really enjoy cleaning products smell.

If you need us to use cloro, or other specific products for the floors and other areas, as long as you provide and advise us in advance, we’ll be happy to use it, as long as they are not very strong chemicals that can cause any harm the cleaner health.

We usually say that cleaning is a process. For every First Cleaning, we say it’s a Deep Cleaning. We do not know your home yet, we do not know how it’s been cleaned and how regularly. We give estimates of time based on the size, but each home is different.

Some homes are smaller but messier, as the other way around. We try our best to do the best on the First Cleaning, but in some cases your home will need few cleanings before it looks it's best. The more frequent our team visit your home, the better it will look, and less time we’ll take to get the job done.

The First Cleanings usually takes longer, but if the cleaning is not maintained until next visit we might spend same time or even more on the following cleanings. It’s very important that you understand we are not promising miracles, but we try our best and hard every time to provide a healthy environment.

Regular Cleanings are basically a maintenance service of the First Time deep cleaning from our first visit.,However, we also advise that at least every 6 months you book a Deep Cleaning, so the maintenance and quality of the service keeps on the standard.

We ask our customers to prepare the house for our visit. . Meaning, avoid leaving a lot of dishes in the sink (and if you do make sure the dishwasher is empty), avoid leaving clothes and objects around or on the floors such as toys as well. The more we have to organize to clean, longer we’ll take to finish the job, and sometimes we waste time organizing and then we don’t have enough time to focus on the cleaning.

If you need help with organizing and cleaning, consult us for a Housekeeping Service.

If you are not usually at home to receive our team, please make sure to give us instructions prior to our visit . Some clients give us a copy of their keys, others use a lockbox, or leave the keys with concierge.The same applies for door codes/alarm codes. Absence of keys at the time of our arrival will result in service canceling and a full cleaning fee charge. In cases we need to wait until someone comes to open the door or bring the key, all the waiting time will be charged based on the hourly rates.


Please note: Our system notifies you every night prior to your cleaning day at 7 pm.

Every client should have our cleaning checklist. It’s provided before the cleaning agreement , that way each client can be aware of everything included in their service.

However, understand that the checklist might not be valid for every home. Some homes are cleaner and we can focus in all details, other homes, depending on the rates x time agreement we might not be able to follow all the tasks on the checklist.

We always try to accommodate each client’s needs, and we can also discuss a special checklist for your home with all the areas of priorities versus the time we have.

If you have a Weekly or Bi-weekly agreement, we can also rotate some tasks and areas.

If you have any special requests for your cleaning day, and notes, make sure you email to enjoyhousecleaning@hotmail.com at least 24 hrs prior to your appointment to make sure we don’t miss your notes and send the right instructions to the team booked to clean your home. Please note:

• We do not move heavy furniture such as couch, lift bed frames, or push heavy furniture. In case of requests to clean behind, and underneath heavy furniture, make sure you have pulled out for them.

We do not clean the outside windows if: They are higher than we can reach, and during winter time. We only clean the windows we can reach and during spring (Temperature must be above 15C degrees) and summer time.

• Some requests might have extra charges such as: cleaning inside the fridge or the oven, washing a big pile of dishes by hand, load of laundry, organizing closets, cleaning and /or organizing inside cabinets, and others. Please consult us for more info.

The night prior to your cleaning appointment, each client receives a reminder by sms or email from our booking system.

Please note: the time booked is not 100% accurate, and it’s based on routes between one client an another, and we might take more or less time, depends of traffic, changes of buses, time waiting for buses, snow, rain, cold and other factors that makes the time scheduled not very accurate.

Due to that, we understand some customers request punctuality, and to avoid bigger concerns, we’ll work with a time window of 2 hrs, meaning, if you are booked for 1:00 pm, you can expect our arrival between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

We ask you to try to be available to receive our team in that two hour window. We will contact you in advance in case our schedule get delayed. In some cases, we might have to reschedule your cleaning to the next day. If the client decides to cancel the service, instead of rescheduling, a full charge will occur as a result of last minute cancellation.

Rates - Each year we do some adjustments on the rates for new customers. Meaning, older customers might have different rates and agreements. Also rates are negotiated individually with each client according to each service agreement, seasonal promotions and others.

Clients with hourly rates, the time is tracked by our system Jobber. Each team has their own app, and we track all their steps along the day.

Payments - If you make cash payments, make sure the payment is always ready before the cleaners leave. We only accept Canadian Dollar. If you are leaving tips, make sure you leave a note saying the team you have added tips on top of the payment. In case you have forgotten to leave the payment, you will be invoiced on the next day, and you have 48 hrs from the time you received the invoice to make the payment by e-transfer or credit card. Note that for all payments in e-transfer or credit card, tax is added.

Late Payments - Once you receive your invoice, you will have 48 hrs to make your payment. If we do not receive the payments during this time, we’ll update your invoice with Late Payment Fees. $1.50 per day. Make sure all your payments are done in time. 30 Days Past Due, invoices will be sent to Collections and your service will be automatically cancelled.

Based on the experiences we have had since the beginning of the company, we have added a cancellation fee when you want to cancel the service already booked and confirmed. We understand you might change your mind, or even have emergencies and you need to cancel, however once your cleaning is already confirmed and you cancel at last minute - meaning same day - or in less than 48 hrs - not only the teams, but also other clients are harmed by your cancellation. Once we have a commitment to each other, is very important that you think twice before cancelling for any reason.

Sometimes the following client can only be booked for that time, and when you cancel without planning we can’t keep the teams on the streets sometimes for hours until next client. And many times, the other client has to cancel as well. Harming the entire schedule on the day. Due that, we have changed our cancellation policy and fees.

Yes, you can change your mind and cancel your appointment, as long as it’s done before 48 hrs. No fees will be charged, and we can still reschedule to another day.

For all cancellations made before 48 hrs in advance, your cleaning service will be charged in 50% amount of your current service rate, and the cleaners will receive a refund about their working missed hours. Our intention is to avoid any cancellations to happen before 48 hrs.

***If your cleaning is booked for Monday, and you need to cancel, make sure you cancel until Friday 12:00 pm. Cancellations over that time, the cancellation fee will apply.

We are very concerned about each service provided, and we want to make sure you are happy with our services. After each cleaning we'll send a survey through surveymonkey.com. We understand you might not answer every time, but it's very important you let us know how we are doing, if you have any concerns or complaints we would love to hear so we can work on improvements. Besides, the teams earns bonus every time they get great feedbacks and scores higher than 3, on a scale 1-5. If you are very happy with the service we also would love to hear it, it helps us to know how you like things, and if we have improved. In case of concerns or complaints, please contact us in 24 hours by phone or email, we'll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss a better solution. Our communication is very important and we want to make sure you are happy and the same mistakes does not happen again.

Note that: We do not refund money. However if you make a complaint over 24 hours we were there, we’ll discuss your concerns with the teams to avoid happening again, but we are no longer booking returns. Also on returns, we only clean the areas of concerns, not re-doing the entire job again.

In the beginning of 2018 we have implemented a bonus competition between the teams to motivate them to do their best for each job. After each cleaning, we send a survey from Survey Monkey to your email asking the teams performance score on that day, suggestions and notes for the job. It’s been working very well, and we have increased the quality of our services due every survey answered.

It’s very important that every client answer the survey after each cleaning, so we know what do we need to improve. If we do not hear anything from you, to us means everything is ok, and we’ll continue working on the same way. So please, let us know your opinion. Each team are evaluated weekly, (surveys are read and shared with the teams every week). The teams with higher score performance - meaning, scored 4 (Exceeded your expectations) or 5 (Excellent) they will receive a monetary bonus on their payment. If they receive a score 3 (Satisfied) where your expectations were reached they do not qualify for the bonus. And Negative Feedbacks scored 1 and 2 they are declassified for the bonus during that week.

In cases of Score 1 & 2, we’ll contact you to understand your concerns, and we’ll be happy to fix our mistakes with a return or on the next cleaning.

Due the big amount of clients and jobs we have every day, it’s hard to switch days and times, however we always try to accommodate our clients needs. If you need to make changes, let’s plan together. Always contact us at least 48 hrs in advance, and we’ll be happy to help you.

We might also have some unexpected situations where we'll need to reschedule your appointment. Could be due a snow storm or a sick worker. In this cases we'll try to accommodate you on the following days.

We have grown due all the referrals our clients have given to us. And we are happy to fortify our partnership giving you discounts or rewards every time you refer us to your friends and family.

How does work?
Every time you refer us to someone you get 10% off on your next cleaning.

You can do in many ways:
Sharing our page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/enjoyhousecleaning/
Recommending us in a Community Group on Facebook (Make sure they mention your name once they book with us)
Sharing your experiences with your co-workers, neighbors
Letting your boss know we also do Office Cleaning and Commercial cleaning

Write us a Positive Review on the Page on Facebook and Earn 1 Man Hour = 30 min in 2 cleaners on your next cleaning for an extra task of your choice. https://www.facebook.com/enjoyhousecleaning

Be our partner, share and Enjoy!

For your safety and ours as well, our company has liability insurance with FSB.

Our liability covers damages caused by us over $1000. Any damages or incidents that happens, the teams will take a picture and notify us immediately. We’ll contact you within 48 hours to inform what happened and how can we proceed next. If the damage is under $1000 we’ll negotiate directly with you.

If you noticed something is missing or damaged on the same day of cleaning, please notify us right away!

Note: If you already have any furniture damaged, please advise us always before we start the cleaning, that way we can avoid bigger damages. If you contact us over 48 hours we were there, we no longer will be responsible for covering or fixing anything.

We have never had any problems regarding theft. Our cleaners are well paid and they fully understand we have a NO TOLERANCE policy for that. If theft is proven, we will be involving the police for these cases.

If you have a Regular Cleaning Agreement - Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Cleaning, and you no longer want to continue with our services, please let us know if there is anything that we can do to change your mind. If it is your final decision, make sure to let us know as soon as possible. Terminations done in less than 48 hrs prior to your cleaning appointment, will be also considered as Cancellations, and you will be charged as full service.

If you are not happy with our services for some reason, let us know what’s happening, and the reasons of the cancellation. Maybe we can discuss your concerns to improve and fix our mistakes.

If you only need to put your services on hold, make sure you let us know for how long and understand that we might not have the same day and time available for you, but we’ll be happy to accommodate your for another day and time whenever you are ready to restart.

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