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In the beginning of 2018 we have implemented a bonus competition between the teams to motivate them to do their best for each job. After each cleaning, we send a survey from Survey Monkey to your email asking the teams performance score on that day, suggestions and notes for the job. It’s been working very well, and we have increased the quality of our services due every survey answered.

It’s very important that every client answer the survey after each cleaning, so we know what do we need to improve. If we do not hear anything from you, to us means everything is ok, and we’ll continue working on the same way. So please, let us know your opinion. Each team are evaluated weekly, (surveys are read and shared with the teams every week). The teams with higher score performance - meaning, scored 4 (Exceeded your expectations) or 5 (Excellent) they will receive a monetary bonus on their payment. If they receive a score 3 (Satisfied) where your expectations were reached they do not qualify for the bonus. And Negative Feedbacks scored 1 and 2 they are declassified for the bonus during that week.

In cases of Score 1 & 2, we’ll contact you to understand your concerns, and we’ll be happy to fix our mistakes with a return or on the next cleaning.


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