Holiday Clean Up: What Can Be Recycled?



There are a lot of benefits to hiring a professional cleaning service: they save you time, they have the right products and equipment for the job, and, perhaps most importantly, they’re likely going to do a much better cleaning job than anyone else in your household (they certainly won’t be sweeping the dirt under the rug to save some time!).


Even if all that is true, how are you supposed to know your cleaning service is actually doing a good job, especially when compared to the others in your area? Before you start shopping around for a new cleaner, look for the following signs of a cleaning job well done at your place.


They Know What They’re Doing

A professional cleaning service should ensure that everyone on their staff is well-trained. Their cleaners should know exactly how to safely and effectively deal with the most common types of messes on a variety of surfaces, and have the right tools on hand to get the job done properly. This may involve using special cleaning solutions, chemicals, and supplies that you just can’t get at your local store. Therefore, it’s extra important that they know how to safely mix, use, and dispose of any cleaning products that are potentially dangerous.


They Leave Your Place Dirt- and Dust-Free

Of course, they’re probably going to sweep your floors and wipe down your windows, but if you truly want to know if your cleaner is doing a good job, then look for the less-obvious spots. For example, after they leave, immediately check out places like the tops of ceiling fans, and try running your finger along your blinds. If they’re serious about leaving your house spic-and-span, then these kinds of spots should be free of any dust and debris.


They Work at a Moderate Pace

If you find that your cleaner is in and out of your place rather quickly, then there’s a good chance they’re just rushing to get through their shift. And on the other side of things, if they seem to be working too slowly, then they may be trying to extend their shift. This may particularly be a problem if they’re getting paid hourly and don’t have another job after yours.


Of course, every once in a while it may take them significantly more or less time, and that’s perfectly fine - sometimes a place needs more or less cleaning than it does normally. However, if you suspect rushing or slacking on a regular basis, you may want to change cleaning services.


They’ve Always Upheld the Same Level of Standards

Cleaning companies will typically go out of their way to make sure your first few appointments go exceedingly well - after all, it’s important to make a good impression. However, it’s what they do weeks, months, or even years down the line that will really tell you whether they’re doing a good cleaning job.


If you’ve hired a good cleaning service (like us), then they should be applying the same consistent set of standards to every appointment. Your place should look just about the same no matter how long you’ve been with them, from the first appointment to the one hundredth.



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