Sorting Garbage, Recycling & Organic Waste

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Thinking on our social responsibility with our community, the city and environment, we realized that when talking about sorting the garbage,

 a lot of people have no idea how to sort the organic, recycling and garbage waste, and due lack of knowledge, we all end up doing it wrong.

However, we are all starting to suffer the consequences of these mistakes such as the climate change. And if we change few habits now,

it can make a big impact in the near future.

When Talking about Enjoy House Cleaning Goals, one of our goals as a company, is to incentive, teach and bring more knowledge to our

community on subjects such as environment, sustainability, reduce, reuse & recycle, healthier habits & more.

The Tutorial we created was specifically to teach our Staff how to sort the garbage, but we believe that good content must be shared,

so that's what we are doing it.

On the Tutorial (English & Portuguese version) we explain what can go on the Organic Bin, what cannot go on the Organic Bin, what

can go on recycling and garbage waste. It seems a lot at first, but once you understand what is each garbage, it will automatically

become an habit. 

Properly sorting your waste into the right bins (Blue Bin recycling, Green Bin organics, Black Bin garbage) can save you money,

reduce the amount of material going to landfill and benefit the environment. Which means, we are helping to improve air and water

quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

Access the Tutorials on the links below (English & Portuguese Version).


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