Our Best Home Tidying Tips

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When it seems like you already have a million things that you need to accomplish throughout the week, the last thing you want to do is spend any of your free time tidying up around your home. Cleaning can be time-consuming and just plain annoying – how is your place such a mess yet again?

Unfortunately, you can’t avoid cleaning your home forever, but what you can do is make tidying up a less painful process. We’ve compiled a list of our best tips and tricks for quickly and effectively dealing with messes around the home – check them out below.


Get Windows and Mirrors Squeaky Clean with Vinegar and Newspaper

If you’ve been using cloths to clean your mirrors and windows, then you’re probably familiar with the smudges, streaks, and lint that they can leave behind. Trying to get rid of these can almost be more frustrating than having to clean these surfaces in the first place!

For a streak-free shine the first time, try using newspaper to clean your windows and mirrors. Though it may not seem like it, the dense material that makes up a newspaper has soft fibers, making it a great non-abrasive choice for these types of surfaces. Pair it with a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water for an environmentally friendly alternative to store-bought cleaners and cloths.


Keep Cleaning Supplies Where You Need Them

It’s much easier to muster up the energy to clean something if the supplies are close by, like in the bathroom for instance. If you keep a toilet brush and some cleaner right by the toilet, you may be more likely to clean it – after all, everything is right there!


Throw Your Cloths and Sponges in the Microwave After Use

A truly clean house requires clean materials, so try to avoid using dirty sponges and cloths to tidy up messes. Bacteria can grow on these kinds of supplies between uses, and you certainly don’t want to be spreading that around your place.

You could always throw out your dirty cloths and sponges after each use, but that’s a waste of money. Instead, try placing them wet in the microwave for about 30 seconds to kill off any bacteria. Depending on how often you use them, you will have to dispose of your cloths and sponges eventually, but this disinfecting method will at least extend their lifespan and help keep your home cleaner in the meantime.


Place a De-cluttering Basket in Each Room

If stuff tends to pile up on your floors and tables throughout the day, then consider putting a good-sized de-cluttering basket in each room. Once a day, take a walk through your rooms, place any clutter in the basket, and put it by the door. Then, once you get home from work or school, pick up the basket and put things away before you start relaxing for the evening. This will help keep your floors and tables clear from clutter and make it easier to put everything away.



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