How To Hire Cleaning Services On A Budget

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Most people view professional cleaning services as a luxury only rich people can genuinely afford. This is a misconception as everyone needs help with cleaning at some point or the other. Be it regular cleaning, deep cleaning, pre-sale cleaning, or post-construction or renovation cleaning, assistance is without a doubt necessary and appreciated.

Unfortunately, depending on the scale and specific type of cleaning you desire, the fees can be prohibitive, putting you off the idea of hiring cleaning assistance altogether. Generally, home cleaning starts from $120 and goes up from there. 

However, by following a few simple steps, it is possible to have your home professionally cleaned and organized within a small budget. If you’re looking to keep your cleaning expenses to the minimum and yet enjoy the perks of a clean and hygienic home, ENJOY HOUSE CLEANING has listed some useful tips on how to hire cleaning services on a budget. 

Make your beds and change the sheets
Making your bed first thing in the morning is a habit that leads to an all-round tidy home. Changing your bedsheets takes a few minutes and can quickly be done before your cleaning service arrives. While taking the time to make your bed and tidy your bedroom might seem tiresome and unnecessary, this initiative leaves the cleaning service less to do, saving you money in the process. 

Tidy up bathrooms
Scrubbing and sanitizing your bathroom can be an unpleasant task and hence delegated. If you plan to ask your cleaners to take care of the bathrooms, remember to at least tidy your bathrooms. This is a great way to reduce the time and cost of cleaning. An untidy bathroom that needs deep-cleaning, on the other hand, can be a work-intensive project that takes up your cleaning professional’s time and raises the cost of the home cleaning.

Remove objects from the floors
Picking up and correctly disposing of or arranging items that may litter your floors is wise as this simple task drastically changes the appearance of your home. A cleaning service that sees a home as generally tidy will be more likely to offer its services at a reasonable and affordable price.

Load the dishwasher
Kitchens and dining areas are some of the most used and viewed areas of our home. A kitchen with yesterday’s dishes piled up in the sink or a dining room with left-overs and cutlery just lying there will be seen as additional work by cleaning services. This is because they will be tasked with clearing the kitchen and dining of all cutlery and cooking utensils and loading them in the dishwasher. Doing these tasks yourself cuts the service time of your cleaners in half, thereby significantly lowering your cost. 

Put dirty laundry in the basket
Dirty clothes can make up half the visible clutter in your home. So, a great way to make cleaning appear less intensive to your cleaners is to make it a point to pick up all dirty laundry and place it in a basket to be washed at a later time. In the end, the best way to reduce the amount you spend on cleaning is to do whatever tasks you can by yourself.

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